Let's declare Bartomeu persona "Non Grata"

Sign to introduce, at the next assembly of representatives, a point to the agenda with the proposal to hold a consult to declare "Persona non grata" to the former president of Barcelona, Josep Maria Bartomeu, and his entire Board of Directors. We need 3600 signatures from members in order to be able to add this point to the agenda for the next assembly of trustees.

A Cor Blaugrana initiative, promoters of “Més Que Una Moció”

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Bartomeu Persona Non Grata

Managing the club with negligence and disloyalty has consequences.

The difficulties facing FC Barcelona today are the legacy of Josep Maria Bartomeu and his board, who have brought the club practically to bankruptcy. For this reason, the Cor Blaugrana action group, which promoted the motion of censure that forced the board to resign in 2020, want the assembly of delegates to include in its agenda, to declare Bartomeu and his entire board of directors persona "Non Grata" among FC Barcelona supporters.

We must communicate to our members, fans, and the world at large that trampling on the values of Barcelona does not come free, so that it never happens again.

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The vote of no confidence was only the beginning

As Cor Blaugrana, the action group that started and organized the 2020 motion of no confidence that ended with Bartomeu's resignation and his board, we said then that this motion was only the beginning. That's why we've done different campaigns and actions with the only goal of helping our club recover. This is one of them.

The poisonous legacy of Bartomeu and his board

  • 1,500 million debt
  • Our captain, Leo Messi, forced to leave
  • A run-down stadium
  • The club, convicted of tax fraud

This is only a part of the legacy of Bartomeu and his board. With this campaign, we're telling them that we never want them back at Barcelona.

The incompetent and disloyal management of the club by the board of Bartosell was about to lead it to economic and institutional bankruptcy. The damage caused should have consequences for the image of its responsible in order to avoid them happening again in the future. We consider that declaring Josep Maria Bartomeu and his board of directors "persona non grata" is the best way we, the members of FC Barcelona, have to publicly disapprove that a disloyal management of the club is not welcomed in our club.

Even though there are open legal processes against some former directors and former executives of the club, we, the members, also have to take measures: to punish the people who have hurt the club, in our name, of the Barça today, and of the Barça that we want to be in the future.

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